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Sea To Sky Exotic Car Rental

Sea to sky exotic car rental is a boutique car rental agency based in downtown Vancouver. Their service and rental experience are even more luxurious than the cars they rent.

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ArcadeQuest is an app which brings the arcade experience into everyones phone. They are the first to launch a platform on mobile which allows you to pick any prize from amazon when you win. Make your dreams come true by playing games.

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Universal Ibogaine Inc.

Universal Ibogaine is bringing a new form of detox into Canada, one that works. They are shifting the current 4%-6% success rate that recovery has to a 65% success rate using natural plant medicine and clinically approved safety protocals.

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Prime Mining Corp

Prime Mining (TSX.V: PRYM) is an ideal mix of successful capital markets mining executives and experienced local operators who have combined to build a new, near term gold producer at the historically productive Los Reyes project in Sinaloa, Mexico. Goushi Marketing is leading its marketing campaigns and investor relations.

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Culture Card

Culture Card eliminates all any need for a line up by turning everyone's phone into a cashier. With Culture Card the customer experience and customer turn over are increased, simply scan, pay, and leave the store all from your phone. Goushi Marketing is leading its branding and customer acquisition strategy.

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